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United States Of America

United States of America known as AMEEREEKAA in Punjabi is one of the most favorite place for Pakistani to visit for different reasons. Some of them visit US for work permit. Some of them visit US to their relatives or some of them visit for business. There are so many reasons for people to visit US. And you guys know that getting US visa is not an easy game. It’s a long journey itself. There are long processes to get there or to achieve US visa.


USA has strict rules to follow if you follow properly then there is one more thing if it’s working and that is your luck which is the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED FOR US VISA APPLICATION


So where we?? Oh yes now let me tell you some basic information about US visa application given below:

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  • Point no 1 you need to know the whole dam process of the application which is a bit lengthy..
  • First of all you need US visa fee which is the far most important and fee would have stability with the type of visa you are applying for like let’s take an example. You are applying for B1 visa or B2 visa or ds 160 visa.
  • You need to require your all official documents with you. I would let you know shortly.
  • Processing time for US visa is a long journey just like you have ordered a pizza first they would make the bread, then the topping would be make fresh and cheese and the last part baking it.

Documentation Needed

Now let us put light on documentation needed for the general US visa


Valid Passport


Valid CNIC


3 Photographs


Travel History


Bank Statement


Required Expense


Invitation Letter


Sponsor Letter


Married Certificate (if You Are)


B.Form of Children (If You Are)


Family Registration Certificate


Passport copy of sponsor


Air Line Reservation


Business Registration documents


Tax Return Certificate


Business Resource


Business Required Investment ( If you are applying for business visa which is B1 visa)


Let me tell you one more thing in last that stay legitimate while presenting the applications, don’t enter wrong data or submit phony or produced reports, if the visa is dismissed in the past than enter appropriate explanation or dismissal. The visa dismissal rate for US from Pakistan is high. Give however much archives as could be expected to comfort the visa guide that you are going for a visit and will return back on schedule.

The more binds to Pakistan you will appear, the more it will be simpler for you to get the visa. On the off chance that you are paying expenses to FBR in Pakistan than present your assessment forms of current year and a few prior years, however ensure the salary you notice in your structures should coordinate the pay you have appeared in your government forms. On the off chance that you have some property, property or land than present its reports too.

On the off chance that you are remaining at somebody’s home than notice what number of rooms they have in their home, the visa advisors check the settlement truly, and if the support needs more space or rooms to keep you or your family than your visa will be dismissed.

It’s suggested that you book inns online from any enormous website like, Agoda and so forth, and connect the booking affirmations alongside the applications. You can drop the appointments if your visa is dismissed.

U.S Embassy Islamabad



Address:Diplomatic enclave, Ramna 5 Isamabad,Pakistan

United States:

(703) 988-3426


Address:  U.S Consulate Karachi, Pakistan Plot 3, 4, 5, New TPX Area Mai Kolachi Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Telephone: (+92-21)3527-5000

Fax: (+92-21) 3527-59857